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About me

Programming on windows can be problematic when you come from an unix environment. I decided to document what I did when I setup my new windows machine. This is how I have set up my windows machine for using github and building wings.

Many years ago I wrote an example of how to write an model-exporter from wings3D. This is mainly a tutorial of how write a wings plugin but can be used by a programmer to load and display a model. A wings exporter example, and the raw code.

Swedish keyboard mappings on Windows is a mess for an erlang programmer.
I have removed the dead from the deadkeys.
I.e. the keys ~'` behave as on an english keyboard.
Download which should work on Windows 2000 and newer but I haven't tested it there or the old Windows 2000.
Unpack and install, goto Control Panel and activate it:
On windows 2000 go to Keyboard/Input Locales/Add Choose Svensk(No deadkeys).
On windows XP go the Regional and Language Options/Languages/Details/Add Choose Svensk(No deadkeys).
I will soon test it on Windows 7 as well.

I'm an erlang programmer, my mission during the last couple of years have been to get decent graphics packages to erlang.

I started with esdl which in the end resulted in a 3d modeler named Wings3D.

The last two years I spent on wxErlang a wxWidgets port to erlang which is now included in the standard distribution of Erlang.

I am involved in these projects.